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Blog post 3

                 I made a video that combines every interview I had interviewed. My topic was “what would you do if tomorrow was your last day?”.  I think it is important because it helps people realize what they want to do or achieve. Most of people don’t have plans what they actually want to do. They are nervous about many things, such as, money, family.  They know that it is just a dream and it is impossible to happen, but if tomorrow was their last day, everything, could change. They didn’t have to worry about anything anymore because they were going to die anyway. They could spend all their money and did bad things. This question makes people think their real needs. In my process, I came up with a topic and started to interview 20 of my friends.  
                 In every interview, I used my iPhone to record it. When I finished interviewing I used iMovie to edit.  The challenges I faced were not many people wanted to answer my question. They said it was too hard. I didn’t really know how to use iMovie so this was challenging too.  I think I achieved my goal.  My goal in the beginning still remains the same. I hope my product would make my viewers start to think about what they really want to do without worrying anything and think that everything can be possible. 

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Blog Post 3

My project is about the relationship between money and happy life. In my opinion, Money is able to buy happiness but it depends on how the way people spend it. I would like to impact my reader not to be snobbish and realistic. Since now the society turns to more and more materialistic, I think it’s really significant to make that kind of influence to people.

For my technology part, I am going to use a educational video from TED and several research to proof my conclusion. I made a PPT as the media to express what I want including all the staff I did.

During the process that I make the whole project, I meet some challenges. For example, I find a lot of various opinion in different sources. Therefore, I need to pick some powerful evidence to support my conclusion. It really took me a lot of time.

Basically, It achieve the goal I set in my proposal post. My biggest hope for my product is to tell people not to be too much realistic and materialistic. I think it is able to make some positive impact to the society

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Primary research

For my primary research, I interviewed 20 of my friends. My question was “what would you do if tomorrow was your last day?”. Technology that I used to record and to interview was my phone. I am going to use iMovie in my laptop to edit all the videos I took. Before I interviewed them, I had given them time to think about this question thoroughly so they could give me the answer from their real feelings.

The challenge of this project was to get them answer my question because not many people wanted to answer it. Some said it was too hard to answer. Some said it was a stupid question. I had to persuade them a lot. The result is most of my friends had the same answer. They would go back to stay with their family until they died. It means they care about their family and think that family is the most important thing in their lives.  Some people answered me very weird things such as eating, spending money, having a girlfriend.

Many people have many different ideas of what the most important thing in their life is but many of them have the same answer. I have learnt from this interviewed that I and many of my friends think family is the most important in our lives. I will use this data I collected from the interview to make a short video, so that my classmates can have a better understanding of things they really want to fulfill before they die. 

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Blog Post 2B

For my primary research, I found four sources from different websites ,which include some interesting idea I required. Then I read all of them carefully and tried to get a my own final conclusion about the relationship between money and happy life. After thinking, I eventually made the conclusion. For my technology part, I am going to use a educational video from TED and several interviews to proof my conclusion.

My product totally takes 4 steps. Firstly, I was thinking to do something about psychology and then I found my topic was the relationship between money and happy life since it’s a popular topic people debate a lot currently. For my second step, I did plenty of research and started considering about my own conclusion. Next, I interviewed some of my housemate to survey their opinion and compared them with my conclusion to seek if there were any similarities. At last, I did a PPT to give some evidences and explanation to my claim. It includes all my research and interviews and some short paragraphs.

As the result of my research, I assert that money actually can buy happiness but it depends on the way you use it. For example, if you buy a cake or gift for your friend on his birthday, you will find that your friend would be very happy and he might appreciate you a lot. At the same time, you also enjoy the happy moment you have with your friend but what if you use the money that need to purchase for a birthday cake to pay some cookies or drinks? In the fact, You will gain much less happiness. Although this is simple instance but most of people don’t know the reason. Their behaviors are selfish and rude. So, they always state their life were full of sorrow and tragedy. I want to adopt my product to shift their mind and make a positive influence on them.


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3   Howell, Ryan. “Money and Happiness: Materialists Not Happier When Purchasing Life Experiences.” Beyond The Purchase Blog. Beyond the Purchase, 16 Mar. 2013. Web. 09 Feb. 2014.

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Blog Post 2A

I searched on youtube and I found some videos that has similar topic with my project, and I also found some images online that talks about phone is “killing”people. Their is a video on the youtube named:”GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, CELL PHONES KILL PEOPLE !”, it talks about the problem that almost everybody has, the obsession to their phones. The man in the video acts different characters, the thing that they both have in common is that whether how serious the circumstance is, the character is always playing on  the phone. It has 372759 views and many people commented under the video and they are trying to find a way to solve the problem, so it is kind of successful. I think my project will also be presented as a form of video. What I’ve already done is my sample thoughts of how am I gonna shoot the video. The last thing left is to shoot the film.

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Blog Post 2a

According to my search, I find out there is also a website, which was researching the relationship between money and our life. It asserts that purchasing by intrinsic reasons such as personal satisfaction bring more happiness than purchasing by extrinsic reasons. Purchasing by extrinsic reasons is actually related to materialism which people pursue possessions so much. People who believe it pay for products since they tend to show off and impress others. That’s why people who believe materialism sometimes their life are less happier. Anyhow, purchasing by intrinsic reasons is the better way to make us life happy

After reading three to four articles, I make the conclusion that how the way money is able to bring us happiness. One is to pay for others. For example, people can buy a cup of coffee to their friends or donate money to charity for supporting poor regions. No matter how much money people spend, they gain the same happiness as the people they pay for. The other is to purchase by intrinsic reasons. Simply, they buy goods for the need not for showing off. That can bring more self-satisfaction to themselves.

I still have something to do to make my final post. I need to find more information and evidence to demonstrate my opinion.



Howell, Ryan. “Money and Happiness: Materialists Not Happier When Purchasing Life Experiences.” Beyond The Purchase Blog. Beyond the Purchase, 16 Mar. 2013. Web. 09 Feb. 2014.